Transcultural Communication: Pragmalinguistic Aspects

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TÍTULO: Transcultural Communication: Pragmalinguistic Aspects


NAVARRO ERRASTI, M. P. (edición)
LORÉS SANZ, R. (edición)
MURILLO ORNAT, S. (edición)
BUESA GÓMEZ, C. (edición)
EDICIÓN: 1 AÑO: 2000
Nº. COLECCIÓN: 9 ISBN: 84-7013-271-7
ÍNDICE: Transcultural communication: pragmalinguistic aspects

I. Translation

· Hatim, B. : Towards a More interactive Pragmatics: a Socio-Textual Perspective
· Hickey, L.: Fuzziness, Fussiness and Figures: Ambiguities we Live With
· Pérez González, L.; Sánchez Macarro, A.: Pragmalinguistic Issues in the Translation of Sensitive Literary Texts
· Guillén Galve, .I: The Pragmatic and Semiotic Dimensions of Context in Translation Assessment
· Puig Pardos, Mª J.: Translation and Pragmatics: The Use of Mujer and Niña as Politeness Devices in Lorca's The House of Bernarda Alba and their Translations into English
· Fernández Amaya, L.: La Traducción al Español de Estrategias de Cortesía Lingüística en Obras deTeatro Británico Contemporáneo
· Valero Garcés, C.: Between Languages and Cultures: Changes in Attitude rather than Simple Linguistic Misuse in the Discourse on Aids
· Calzada Pérez, M.: "Where are we going in Translation?" A Pragmatic Analysis of Various Translations of a poem by W. H. Auden
· Diez Prados, M.: Grice and Leech Face to Face: an Explanation for Jane Austen's Irony
· López Folgado, V.: The Role of Italics in Translations: a Pragmatic View
· Rojo López, A. M.: Una Aproximación Cognitiva a la Traducción del Lenguaje Humorístico
· Lorés Sanz, R.: Intentionality through Thematic Choice: A Contrastive Study of Texture

II. Relevance Theory

· Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, F. L: Developing Explicatures
· Murillo Ornat, S.: English Explicatory Reformulative Discourse Markers: Conceptual or Procedural?
· Unger, C.: Properties of procedurally encoded information and their implications for translation
· Gutt, E.-A: Textual Properties, Communicative Clues and the Translator
· Navarro Errasti, Mª P.: Let us Reprieve Translators
· Quinteiro Pires, A. C.: The Role of Inferential Processes in the Interpretation and Translation of Language
· Ruiz Moneva, Mª A.: Celestina as seen by English-speaking readers: A relevant account of early portraits

III. English for Specific Purposes

· Romero Guillén, Mª D.: Veterinary Discourse: How Information Can Be Transmitted in two Parallel Genres
· Lafuente Millán, E.: Pragmatics and Genre: the Redress of FTAs in Scientific Articles from different Areas of Science
· Pérez-LIantada Auria, C.: http://pragmatic.implicatures/socialnetworks.cybercom
· Foz Gil, C.: Behavioural Mistakes: an Important Reason for Communicative Failure in International Business Negotiations

IV. Contrastive Studies

· Portolés Lázaro, J.; Vázquez Orta, I.: Mitigating or Compensatory Strategies in the expression of Politeness in Spanish and English? "Hombre"/ "mujer" as Politeness Discourse Markers Revisited
· Hornero Corisco, A. Mª.: Conversational Style Differences: the Case of Interruptions in Cross-Sex Conversations
· Santamaría García, C.: Teasing and Shaming Expressions in Adult-Child Interaction
· Luzón Marco, Mª J.: The Use of Corpora to Teach Sociolinguistic Routines
· Cuenca Villarin, Mª H.: Análisis Instrumental de la Duración del Pie Acentual en Español e Inglés en Habla Espontánea
· Vinagre Laranjeira, M.: Comparing English and Spanish Verbal Compounds: are Lexicalist Principles in Compound-formation Universal?
· Inchaurralde, C.: Marked transmitters



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